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Using the Portal (psychomanteum)

The Portal (psychomanteum) is a very powerful tool and modality. During her three years of research and facilitation, Dr. Blinston has learned a great deal. There are certain guidelines that are highly advised. Dr. Blinston developed these guidelines based on her own experiences in the Portal (psychomanteum), the experiences of her research colleagues, and the experiences of her clients.

Having a facilitator through the process is vital. If an individual were to construct a Portal (psychomanteum) at home, it is highly advised to have a safe and trustworthy friend serve as a facilitator or simply be there before, during, and after the process. There have been occasions when individuals used the psychomanteum while alone, had a profound experience, and had no one with whom to talk or debrief. The benefit of being able to talk about ones experience immediately after a session is great. The post-Portal (psychomanteum) process is very much like remembering a dream. The sooner upon waking one repeats and discusses one's dream, the better the chances of recall and subsequently gaining insights and meaning. In the case of a Portal (psychomanteum) session a skilled and seasoned facilitator can make a world of difference in helping one remember the events that took place while in the Portal (psychomanteum).

Safety goes hand-in-hand with facilitation. The Portal (psychomanteum) process is an unusual and non-conventional modality that is very little understood. One's chances for a fulfilling experience are greatly increased when one can relax into the experience. It is important to know that one is in a safe environment, in safe hands, and can openly speak about his or her experience without fear of being misunderstood or even ridiculed.

Be Open to Anything and Everything
Entering with an expectation of an encounter, can lead to frustration and disappointment. Many times subtle, and not-so-subtle, happenings in the Portal (psychomanteum) are missed due to the expectation of one kind or another experience. The most common is the expectation of a fully visible apparition, or some form of visual phenomenon. Some of the most profound happenings in the Portal (psychomanteum) have been physical sensations in the body or auditory experiences. Individuals must be open to anything and everything that happens in the surroundings within the Portal (psychomanteum) and within his or her body during a session.

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