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How long does a session last?
The pre-interview lasts approximately 30 minutes, the client sits in the Portal (psychomanteum) for 45 to 60 minutes, and the post-interview lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is best to allot 2 to 2 ½ hours for the whole session.

What if I want to stay in the Portal (psychomanteum) longer?
Experience with clients has shown that the maximum benefit for the client is found within the specified time frames. The longer the session the more the client has to remember, process, and integrate. Instead of a longer session it is best to do another session at a later date.

Can I go through the Portal (psychomanteum) more than once?
Yes. Clients have gone through the Portal (psychomanteum) more than once, but usually a two to six month wait is suggested if the individual is going through the Portal (psychomanteum) to make contact with a person for which they had previously used the Portal. If the contact is for a different person or purpose, then the time limit does not apply.

What should I wear?
It is advised to wear dark comfortable clothing. The purpose for dark clothing is to decrease the possibility of the light reflecting off one's clothes causing a distraction in the process.

Can I take my journal in the Portal (psychomanteum) and write during the process?
Yes. The light is very low in the Portal (psychomanteum), but if you want to try and write in a dark environment it is okay to do so. Most clients who have taken their journals in the Portal (psychomanteum) with them have stated that it was distracting them from the process and decided not to write.

Can I take a tape recorder in the Portal (psychomanteum) and record the process?
Yes. As with clients who took their journals into the Portal (psychomanteum), clients with tape recorders had decided to turn them off due to the distraction. However, there have been occasions where a client discovered something a few weeks later after reviewing the tape from the session. It does not pose a problem for an individual to take their tape recorder into the Portal (psychomanteum) during the session. In fact, it may prove beneficial to record the pre-interview and the post-interview as well.

Where will the facilitator be while I am in the Portal (psychomanteum)?
The facilitator normally sits outside the Portal (psychomanteum) room with the door closed for the client's privacy. There have been occasions when the client has asked for the facilitator to sit within the Portal (psychomanteum) room just outside the Portal (psychomanteum) chamber.

What if I want to come out of the Portal (psychomanteum) early, before the time is up?
That is not a problem. Clients are assured before going into the Portal (psychomanteum) that they may come out of the Portal (psychomanteum) early. The client simply calls out the facilitators name indicating they would like to come out.

Can I talk in the Portal (psychomanteum)?
Absolutely. Communicating while in the Portal (psychomanteum) is highly encouraged if the client desires to do so. Some clients speak out loud while others communicate more with their minds. There is no right or wrong way. It is completely up to the client how he or she wishes to communicate while in the Portal (psychomanteum).

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